iPhone 11 Pro Max Screen Protector 3D Full Cover with Easy Applicator

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3D tempered glass for iPhone is all you need to protect your iPhone from damage. iPhone 3D Screen Protector provides optimal protection for your iPhone 11 Pro Max.


3D full coverage

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max Screen Protector has a edge that contributes to the high quality of the product. Your mobile is better protected than ever. Screen Protector iPhone 11 Pro Max needs to be very durable and comprehensive and it eats exactly what you get with this product.


The correct screen is preserved

Screen protector glass preserves your real screen. This means that the original screen does not crack in the event of damage to the cover.


If you usually drop your mobile often and do not want to be afraid that it will crack, you have just found your perfect match.


Clear transmittance

iPhone 11 Pro Max screen protection in tempered glass 3D's transmittance ensures that your picture experience is the same with or without a screen. You will not even notice that you have a protection on. The prestige of your iPhone remains the same.



Dirty fingerprints on the screen are something that everyone has a problem with. But not with this screen protector as it is anti-fingerprint highlighted. This means that dirt from your fingers does not stick so easily to the surface of the screen.


Easy to apply

The applicator and the instructions that come with it make it easy to mount the cover. Even if you have never managed to put on a screen protector before, you will not have any problems with this.


Benefits of 3D Full Screen Protector for iPhone 11 Pro Max:

  • Full coverage
  • No dirty fingerprints
  • Good transmittance
  • Real screen protection
  • Apply easily











More Information
Country of ManufactureChina
ModeliPhone 6.46-Inch LCD
Product TypeScreen Protector
Connectivity Type3D

iPhone 6.46-Inch LCD Screen

CompatibilityiPhone 11 Pro Max
Compatible With

iPhone Models

iPhone 11 Pro Max

Model Description

iPhone 6.46-Inch LCD Screen Protector

Material9H Olephobic
Resists Water, Splashes & DustWaterproof, Sweat resistant
In The Box

3D Screen Protector 6.46-Inch for iPhone

Service & SupportLimited warranty - 1 year
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